Spring Institute

Spring institute


Michigan is at a crossroads. Faced with interlinked “crises” related to demographic change – stagnate growth, aging population, loss of young talent – the decisions we make today will determine whether we continue a course of development patterns that harm older cities while creating unsustainable asset management costs on growing suburbs… or do we pause, and plan for a better future. Big economic transformations, globally valuable natural resources (abundance of fresh water, location in a geography with fewer natural disasters, prime ag land and valuable forest cover), and an elevated focus on equity must be strategically considered as we face these impending conditions.

MAP’s Spring Institute 2023 provides details on national and state demographic trends, and builds on that to introduce how exactly we must prepare for a future that protects our natural resources and geographic advantage. Planners can and must influence policies at the state and local level.

We’ll hear from state and national leaders who will expertly make the link between people and population, place and prosperity, policy and plans, and how planners can influence excellent outcomes.

Presenters Include:


Don Grimes , University of Michigan LSA Economics, Regional Economics Specialist


Dr. Alaina Jackson, Managing Director, Global Detroit


Lou Glazer, President and Co-Founder, Michigan Future, Inc.


Rodney Harrell, PhD, Vice President, AARP Public Policy Institute


Dr. Victoria Hermann, Senior Fellow and Leadership Group member, The Arctic Institute


Joel Brammeier, President and CEO, Alliance for the Great Lakes