Climate Change in Michigan-Resources

Guides and References

 Climate Change PolicyGuide APA  by the American Planning Association

Planning for Resilience in Michigan Handbook

 Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Actions in America's Cities. Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Actions in America's Cities.Mayors Climate Protection Center. April 2014

Climate and Health Adaptation Planning Guide for Michigan Communities

 Planning for Infrastructure Resilience . PAS Report 596. American Planning Association.

 Building Resilience Through Plan Integration. PAS Memo. American Planning Association

Seven Principles of Strong Climate Change Planning. American Planning Association

Great Lakes Coastal Resilience Planning Guide

Resilient Great Lakes Coast

Leading by Example: Tools and Resources for City Adaptation by GLISA

Great Lakes Water Levels

Centering Racial Justice in Urban Flood Adaptation: Planning and Evaluation Tools for Decision Makers and Stakeholders by University of Michigan's Sustainability Institute

Playbook 1.0: How Cities Are Paying for Climate Resilience by Peter Plastrik, Joyce Coffee, and John Cleveland

Water Rising: Equitable Approaches to Urban Flooding and Racial Equity by US Water Alliance

Taking the Heat: How Cities Can Adapt to Climate Change


Resilient Grand Haven

Resilient Port Austin

Ann Arbor's A2 Zero

Western Lake Erie Coastal Conservation

SEMCOG's Climate Resilience


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Hazard Mitigation Grants


Community Development Block Grants